About Us


About Us

Be More Luxe is a Baltimore-born natural skincare small business.  We offer many all-natural, vegan and organic body products from small batch soaps to body scrubs to a great regimen for members of the beard gang.  We proudly use many of your local favorites when creating our luxury products.  We believe in supporting local businesses as a consumer and fellow business owner and find that by using locally and regionally sourced ingredients, it add that much more Baltimore love to the products that we share with you.

Be More Luxe, like many small businesses, is a hobby turned business venture.  But is it really work (business) when you enjoy what you do?  The owner, for many years, waged war on her own sensitive skin with commercial skincare products and longed for an option that was mild, but still funky and fancy.  Baltimore is a gritty city with soft edges, just like the owner and she wanted the City and her personality to show through her products.

Fast forward to when she actually got good at making soap, the experiments were turning into must haves, friends began to beg for the leftover bits and Josh from the Fabulous Beekman Boys told her that he could tell that she made her own soap because her skin was beautiful (SCORE!!!).  That's when she knew that she was onto something and this is the beginning of something big.  Be More Luxe is glad to have you along for the ride!

PS:  We're always in the test kitchen experimenting and improving, so feel free to head on over to our Contact page to ask questions and leave feedback.  Check back for new stuff often!